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A man changes an air filter in an indoor air unit, a service SAC Mechanical providesWhether due to allergies, asthma or other breathing issues, clean air is essential for you, your family and your employees. 

Despite this, many modern buildings have poor filtration, threatening the health of everyone inside. As an HVAC repair and service company, SAC Mechanical offers humidifier installation, air purification and other air quality services to homes and businesses throughout the Boulder area. Our goal is to improve both health and comfort at home and in the workplace, allowing Coloradans to breathe freely wherever they go.

Given our more than 30 years of experience serving families in the Boulder region, we know every variety of air quality issue that local homes can face. 

To address them, we provide:

  • Air Quality Testing - Improving air quality is only possible if you know exactly what is currently wrong with your air. For this reason, we offer comprehensive air testing for all of our clients. These advanced methods allow us to detect not only allergens and other routine issues, but also serious health threats like asbestos.
  • Air Filtration - We can install an air filtration surface on your HVAC equipment. This prevents allergens, dust and other health threats from getting into your air in the first place, thereby stopping breathing issues before they can even start.
  • Humidifier Service - By installing new humidifiers and repairing existing ones, we make you and your family more comfortable and prevent your nose and throat from getting too dry. Humidification also helps to keep your furniture and upholstery in good condition.

Keeping your business’s air quality safe is important for both your employees and your customers.

SAC Mechanical offers the same testing, filtration and humidifier service to Boulder area businesses that we provide to local families. With our help, you can improve air quality in your office dramatically, providing you with:

  • Healthy Employees - Giving your employees clean air makes them healthier, more comfortable and more productive. It also prevents those who have asthma and other respiratory issues from experiencing serious health problems at work.
  • Confident Customers - Potential customers who visit your office will associate their experience with your products and brand. Make their stay as comfortable as possible and ensure quality air runs in the building.
  • Efficient Air - Quality filtration makes your HVAC system more efficient, lowering your energy bills and reducing the need to invest in repairs.

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