Heating Services: Furnace & Boilers

Expert Furnace Installation and Repair Services in Longmont, Colorado

Someone in a hard hat works on a heating unitGiven how cold our Colorado winters are, it is essential for the comfort of your family or employees that you invest in a good furnace, heat pump service or other source of heat.

SAC Mechanical offers these heating systems and other HVAC service options for both your home and your business. Operating out of Longmont, Colorado, we provide the entire Boulder, Colorado region with reliable heat for even the most frigid winters. Whether you are looking for a replacement furnace, or you're on the hunt for a local HVAC professional who can repair your heating system before the cold kicks in, join other homeowners who trust SAC Mechanical.

We offer your family the same warmth we provide to our own through:

  • Furnace Installation & Repair - We carry the most advanced furnaces on the market, which will warm your house quickly and effectively while using little fuel or energy. Whether you have or are looking for a natural gas furnace, electric furnace, or oil furnace, our technicians can handle it all. Let us install a new heating system in your home to help you stay warm in winter. And if your old furnace breaks, our furnace repair team can restore it to full working order in no time.
  • Heat Pumps - Heat pumps offer higher standards of energy efficiency, environmental sustainability, and precision comfort for your home. Heat pumps do not directly burn fossil fuels to create heat (which is good for your gas bill). Instead, a heat pump moves warm air into your home in winter — and out of your home in summer. The gas and fuel used for heating homes, cooking, and boiling water make up over 10% of carbon emissions in the United States. But an air-source heat pump can deliver nearly three times more heat energy to a home than the electricity it consumes. We carry a wide variety of heat pump brands that will lower your energy bills and keep your home or business warm for years to come. Plus, we offer HVAC maintenance and repair services to keep your heat pump working all winter long.
  • Boilers - Whether to heat water or warm your entire home, boilers offer an effective solution for your heating system needs. Old boilers can be inefficient and oversized, which means it's time to switch it out for a modern, high-efficiency model. Our HVAC experts have been installing, repairing, and upgrading boilers throughout the Boulder area for years.

SAC Mechanical offers our commercial clients the same range of heating options and high standards of service that we give to residential customers.

With our help, you can make your business:

  • More Efficient - Replacing or repairing your furnace, heat pump, or boiler reduces the amount of energy your business uses. This cuts energy costs and lets you operate more efficiently no matter your industry.
  • More Sustainable - Besides lowering those high energy bills, more efficient heating equipment reduces your company's impact on the environment. Given how much Coloradans care about our planet, keeping your company environmentally friendly is essential for winning over a loyal base of customers. It may also make you eligible for tax credits and other environmental incentives.
  • More Comfortable - Consistent heating makes your office a more comfortable place to do business. As a result, employees will be more productive while potential customers will be more likely to choose you. 


Heating FAQs

Why is my HVAC making unusual noises?

While all HVAC systems will make some amount of noise, unusual noises typically indicate a repair, or even a replacement, is needed. Going without maintenance on an unusually noisy heating system could mean higher bills down the road. If you're hearing loud or unusual sounds from your furnace, oiler, or heat pump, contact us so we can send an expert to verify the problem and resolve it.

How often should I service my HVAC system?

Homeowners should consider having their heating systems checked out by a professional at least once a year. Keeping your furnace, boiler, or heat pump properly maintained is crucial for not only keeping your house toasty warm but keeping your heating bills down.

Do I need to replace my boiler?

Boilers tend to last 15-25 years depending on model, use, and regular maintenance. Since they have fewer moving parts than other heating systems, they generally last a bit longer. But even the most reliable of boilers will reach their end.

Here are some common signs that it may be time to replace your boiler.

  • Unsatisfactory heat: If your boiler is suddenly no longer heating your home the way it once was, it's probably time to replace it. Insufficient heat typically indicates the end of a boiler's life.
  • Uneven temperature control over time and between rooms: If you notice that your boiler is unable to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the day, or if walking from room to room has you constantly shedding or putting on layers, it may be time to call SAC Mechanical.
  • Age: If your boiler has hit the 15-25 year mark, depending on how much regular maintenance it has seen, it will begin to deteriorate.
  • Noise: When boilers start to make noises louder or stranger than usual, that means it's time to call in professional repair services. Our HVAC professionals here at SAC Mechanical will investigate the problem and offer you their solutions, whether that be a repair or replacement.
Do you offer financing or payment plans?

We do! We have special promotional offers throughout the year to help you save money on installation cost and repair services. On top of that, we have special financing options that you can find on this page.

For more information on heating installations, repairs and other HVAC services, contact SAC Mechanical today.