Residential & Commercial Cooling Services

Expert Residential & Commercial Air Conditioning Services in Longmont

Two outdoor AC units that can be serviced by SAC MechanicalWhile Colorado is famously cold in the winter, summer heat is just as big of a problem for local homes and businesses.

Temperatures in the Boulder area often rise to uncomfortable temperatures in the summer months, making quality air conditioning a health necessity. As an HVAC contractor with extensive experience providing AC installations and repairs, SAC Mechanical can prepare your home or office for even the warmest summers. Our HVAC service team seeks to make your building run as efficiently as possible, allowing you to transition seamlessly between heating and cooling service throughout the year.

Residential air conditioning solutions from a family-oriented company.

As a family company with more than 30 years of experience in the Boulder area, SAC Mechanical knows the effect that summer heat can have on your family’s health. For this reason, we offer the latest cooling technologies to homes in the Boulder region, along with the highest standards of installation and repair service. When you need a new air conditioning system, our team will visit your house, inspect the building and figure out how best to meet your cooling needs. Likewise, if something is wrong with your existing cooling equipment, we will perform inspections, testing and repairs to restore it to full working order. No matter the circumstances, you can count on us to keep your family cool.

AC is more than a convenience; it’s good business!

The more efficient and reliable your cooling system is, the easier it is to keep your employees productive and your customers happy. As an air conditioning company, SAC Mechanical Provides:

  • AC Installation - SAC Mechanical carries a broad selection of air conditioning equipment, letting you select the technology that best fits your business’s needs. If you have trouble deciding what equipment will serve you best, our team can evaluate your building, energy use patterns and cooling needs and quickly determine a solution to keep you cool.
  • AC Repair & Maintenance - Fixing a faulty air conditioner is critical to keeping energy use under control. Our HVAC repair team performs comprehensive inspection and testing. We will quickly determine what is wrong with your AC system and find a solution that maximizes performance while lowering energy use.
  • AC Upgrades - As new cooling technologies become available, SAC Mechanical is always ready to replace or enhance your AC system, progressively increasing the quality of your air conditioning while reducing its energy requirements.

For more information on our HVAC services or to request service today, contact SAC Mechanical!