Furnace Installation Service by Longmont, CO's Leading HVAC Contractor

Investing in a new furnace is a great way to improve energy efficiency in your home or office and can save you the hassle of dealing with a furnace emergency in the future. Today's furnaces and HVAC equipment are far superior to units even ten years old. With the push towards energy-efficient heating technology, a new furnace installation can save you thousands throughout its lifetime. If your home or office furnace is approaching 15 years old, it may be time to explore your options. The home heating installation experts at SAC Mechanical have been Longmont and Boulder, CO's leading furnace installer. Our team is trained and certified with the top furnace manufacturers in the industry. We can help you make the best choice when it comes to heating your home or business and always in a way that is honest and transparent.

How to Know You Need a New Furnace

There are some tell-tale signs that your furnace is on its last legs. First, if your old furnace is anywhere between 15 and 20 years old, it is most likely not functioning as efficiently as it once had and could be nearing the end of its life. Furnaces this old should, at the very least, be given routine inspections and maintenance. But even then, you may be delaying the inevitable. Other signs can be red flags that there is a critical malfunction in your furnace. A year-over-year increase or a spike in a single year's heating costs of an old furnace indicates that its components are not running efficiently and require attention. If your system is cycling often or straining to keep your home warm, this is another sign that something is wrong with your furnace. Loud noised or increased dust are other indicators that you need a professional inspection to identify the problem.

Why Choose SAC Mechanical for Your New Furnace Installation Needs?

Our team has over 35 years of experience diagnosing and installing energy-efficient furnaces and other home heating equipment. We dedicate ourselves to constantly learning about new furnace technology and techniques and providing more comfort and cost savings to our clients. When Longmont and Boulder, CO home and business owners need a heating solution that fits their needs and budget, we are here for you.

  • We are NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certified
  • Technicians attend weekly training HVAC training courses, and regular training on all products.
  • Our technicians are certified, experienced, and hardworking.
  • While in your home, we treat it and your family with respect. We keep our workspace and your home clean and tidy.
  • We guarantee our work and strive for your 100% satisfaction in a job well done.
  • We are transparent and honest. We walk our customers through every step of the furnace selection and installation process so they thoroughly understand the work being completed.
  • We are members of the Denver/Boulder BBB and maintain an A+ rating.