Why NATE Matters

Why NATE Matters

NATE is a voluntary certification program designed to ensure that qualifying technicians have a core set of competencies and can be trusted by the consumers who hire them. NATE is the culmination of several years’ worth of work by the entire indoor environment industry to establish a meaningful nationwide certification.

Over the past few years, NATE has grown considerably. Over 30,000 technicians have been NATE-certified and the list continues to grow. NATE certification is the standard by which all other technicians should be judged, and it’s the only technician certification that matters!

There are other third-party certification programs out there, but NATE actually has the lowest “pass” rate, and is the only nationwide certification program that is endorsed by the HVACR industry across all levels. Technicians, contractors, manufacturers, utilities, educators, wholesalers, and leading industry trade associations support NATE.

Studies show that NATE-certified technicians have fewer “callbacks” than non-certified technicians. What does this mean? It means NATE-certified technicians get it right the first time.